POI isn’t just about sorting out flaky paint and rusty nails. Putting the sparkle back into these unique cast iron fireplaces and ranges is one thing, but the reason we set up POI runs a bit deeper than that.

There’s something quite appealing about the ‘make do and mend’ mentality that spilled over from the Second World War. Of course, no one wants to go back to ration books… But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sustainable living is there?

Our workshop has restored hundreds of antique fireplaces over the years. Stafford’s apprenticeship with his former mentor gave Stafford the dedication and drive to finish his work to very high standards. With no two pieces being the same, each fireplace is restored to its ideal finish, in keeping with its time period and style. However, because you can select from the extensive stock you can choose a bespoke finish to suit your taste and decor.


In a throw away society, how refreshing to have something of beauty and quality that has stood the test of time, giving you an historic focal point for your home.